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What clients have said about Beth Richardson:

"Beth worked on several projects for me. Some were administrative-related, such as
creating order from chaos in my office. Others included planning, designing, and setting-up
trade-show booths, organizing client-related functions, and rearranged the office for more
effective use of the space.

Beth is fabulous. Incredibly creative, excellent organizational ability, and talented. She
excels at project management - from the design phase to implementation, her organizational
ability – the skill with which she could "pull a project together" beginning with just a vague idea
from me – was absolutely incredible.

She has great "vision" and tries to step into the "mind" of her client to help understand the
ultimate goal, or end result. I have never met anyone who is as creative and talented with event
planning, trade-show organization.

She has a wonderful knack for finding or creating the perfect gift idea for any situation. Her
attention to the small details - such as handmade, personal note cards is an added touch to
help make it uniquely special."
                                        - Beverly C., Lexington, KY

"Beth stepped in on a moment's notice to bring order to chaos. We worked side-by-side on
multiple tracks that included organizing paperwork and preparing for a long-distance move.
Everything was handled in a professional and respectful manner. She's a lifesaver!"
                                         - Haley H., Cincinnati, OH

"Beth was like a magic genie! In a couple of hours she was able to help me clear the clutter,
handle the paperwork, and restore a sense of balance and order to my home office and
guest room. Her good humor, efficient manner and eye for what needs to be done makes her
a valued helper."
                                         - Sequoyah J., Danville, KY

"Beth Richardson is a born organizer! I have seen her take a tiny, cluttered space and
transform it into a highly useful area that is attractive as well as functional. Her creativity and
use of style and color is limitless."
                                            - Sherri T., Novi, MI

"When I was chosen as "this year's project" by the members of a group I belonged to, to
build a set of 35 steps to safely climb the hill to my house it was like a gift from Heaven!
Beth was the one who took it upon herself to get the project organized and completed in
just two workdays!! She was able to line up volunteers to come with their tools and muscle
power to carve steps out of a clay hillside, saw timbers and rebar to size, haul everything up
the hill, as well as see that food was provided for all the workers to enjoy a hot lunch on two
very cold January days. Without Beth's terrific organizational skills this would never have
happened. Every day as I safely climb or descend my hill I am grateful to this talented woman."
                                              - Jeanne D., Afton, TN

"Beth is an organizer and coordinator extraordinaire – the retreat that she put together with
the help of her partners was top notch - nothing but the best planning could have caused
such wonderful results and the healing that took place is impossible to describe in words.
                                            - Renee P., Campton, KY